Pubblications and Brochures

Publications about the 50/50 methodology with examples from the original project Euronet 50/50
50/50 Methodology (IT)
50/50 Methodology (SV)
Data results from the project Euronet 50/50
Final publication Euronet 50/50 project
Practical examples of activities at school


Second transnational seminar 20th May 2016 (Trollhättan)
Programme 50/50 (IT)
Programme 50/50 (SV)
Pre-schools Äppelgården and Nordgärdet– Municipality of Ale
Primary schools Valli and Bersani and middle school Fiorini – Municipality of Forlì
Primary school Tärnanskolan – Municipality of Vänersborg
Lower Secondary school Galilei – Municipality of Cavriago
Primary school Malmslättsskolan – Municipality of Linköping
Lower Secondary school Guatelli – Municipality of Collecchio

First national seminar in Italy, 1st October 2015 – Imola (material in Italian)
Presentation of the project

First national seminar in Sweden, 2nd October 2015 – Linköping (material in Swedish)
Presentation av dagen
Introduction to the project (In English)
Högstadieskolan Borgmoskolan (Norrköping)
Tärnan (Vänersborg)
Norgärdets förskola (Ale)
Malmslättskolan – Tokarp (Linköping)
Äppelgårdens förskola (Ale)

First transnational seminar, 22 May 2015 – Salsomaggiore
Lower secondary school G. Galilei (Cavriago)
Lower secondary school Borgsmoskolan (Norrköping Municipality)
Lower secondary school E. Guatelli (Collecchio Municipality)
Pre-school Äpplegården (Ale Municipality)
Pre-school Campanella (Imola Municipality)
Primary school Tärnan (Vänersborg)
Municipality of Forlì
Programme of the first transnational seminar (IT)
Programme of the first transnational seminar (SV)


Here below you can find the two types of agreement for participating in the project. The first one regulates the relationship between Sern and the Municipalities the second one regulates the relationship between the municipalities and the schools.
Model of agreement between SERN and municipalities
Model of agreement Municipality and school