The schools

The participating schools that have joined the 50/50 project

Dr.Josef Noldin school

G.Mameli school

Giuseppe Verdi School

A. Rubri

Nordgärdets förskola

Nordgärdets pre-school is located in Surte in Ale municipality. The school has 3 departments with a total of 58 Children between the ages 1 to 5. We have the ambition to spend some time outdoors every day and do small trips to the forest nearby every week. The school is certified with Grön Flagg which means that the children work with different themes related to sustainable development every year.

I.C. Bertinoro


Ängås förskola

Sc. primaria L. Valli

Primary school G. Bersani

The construction of G. Bersani school dates back to 1978 and it is home of the scholastic administrative division n.7 of Forli from the 1978/1979.

The classes are currently 25, divided in 10 full-time and 15 at normal time, 23 of these are equipped with interactive whiteboard.

Pupils are in total 596, including 26 disabled and 93 foreigners. The in-service teachers are 59. There is also a Committee of Parents who works actively to support all activities of the school.

The Coriano neighborhood where the school is located, is a link between the industrial part of town and its historic center. The school is situated in a residential neighbourhood in development and crossed by important roads. The migratory flows of the latest years brought more heterogeneity among pupils. Difficult situations have increased, besides there is a strong presence of students with disabilities in some cases even serious, due to the presence (unique in the territory) of specific equipment.

The school has a laboratory of CERAMIC with oven, MUSIC classroom where activities of music therapy take place, COMPUTER classroom, a LIBRARY and GYM.

Each year the main projects for all pupils at the school are:

– the reading days;
– the singing evenings in collaboration with the Maderna Orchestra;
– sports games.

In addition, pupils attending the 3rd year participate in drama workshops, in the 4th year art /ceramics and for classes of the 5th year linguistic laboratories with CLIL.

Further projects to enrich the educational offer also this year have been activated:
– environmental education;
– Integration of the circle;
– road safety education;
– safe school training;
– strong immigration process;
– disease project;
– project school dropout.

G. Galilei


We are the children from classes 3A and 3B  at Don Dossetti Comprehensive School . It’s located in  Cavriago, in the province of Reggio Emilia. In our school there are 13 classes,  300 students alltogether. Cavriago is a small town in the province of Reggio Emilia.

Before taking part in the project ” 50/50″,  we did the project ” Energy in my home”, which means saving energy in our households. In fact  there is a 1/3 of energy consumption in  the civil sector every year.


Trollhättan, with almost 57 000 inhabitants, is located on the west coast of Sweden
60 km north of Gothenburg.

Trollhättan has a long tradition of working with energy issues and has very ambitious goals.

In the current energy plan Trollhättan Municipality, including our companies are working towards the goal to reduce the usage of fossil fuel to zero by 2020, at the same time we are working on decreasing our overall energy consumption and increase the proportion of renewable energy.

Strömslundsskolan has students in preschool through elementary school and is located in the western parts of Trollhättan.
The school is currently about 590 students over three preschool classes and nine grades. Our leisure children are divided into four departements.


Tärnanskolan is a multicultural school with about 300 students. Our school has over the past year increased the number of students which resulted in that our school has become treparallellig in some grade levels.

We have an energy team consists of students from preschool classes up to grade six. Our team includes 17 students, two teachers, one from F-3 and one from 4-6, even our caretaker is included in the team.


Vänersborg municipality

Vänersborg is the regional capital of the southern tip of Lake Vänern.

With ten mil coast of Lake Vänern is Vänersborg are pampered close to swimming, fishing and boating. We are aiming to become Sweden’s best music municipality and it will show- and be heard.

It live about 37 000 inhabitants in Vänersborg. Our goal is to grow a little in time each year so that we do not lose the feeling


                                                            Together we make the good better!



Borgsmoskolan is situated between Klockaretorpet och Skarphagen at the western entrance to the city of Norrköping close to the forest and the Borgsmo stadium. Most of the students are from the area of Klockaretorpet and the schools Tamburinen and Klockartorpsskolan. Borgsmoskolan has about 220 students between 13 and 16 years old. Each year the students choose between the different profiles (robots, food and health, basic subjects, arts, sports, reading and maths, entrepreneur).

There are two international classes for newly arrived students and one for students with disabilities as autism. One class works with the Montessori pedagogy and all students has a computer.

Äppelgårdens förskola

Äppelgården pre-school is a Reggio Emilia inspired school with six departments. The school is certified with Grön Flagg which means that the children work with different themes related to sustainable development every year. The school building is a passive house with very low energy consumption and it also has solar cells on the roof with a digital display that shows the children how much energy the solar cells are producing at all times.

Sc. Infanzia Campanella

The communal preschool Campanella is one of the 8 preschools run by the Municipality of Imola which in total has about 605 children. This school has 3 sections divided for age (3-4-5 yer olds) and 78 children. We are 6 teachers, 2 persons for the children with special needs and 4 co-workers. There is also another section but it is in another building next door but their energy bill cannot be separated from the school hosting them and therefore they can’t take part of the 50/50 project.

The school is in a big park and the outdoor life is an tradition in the pedagogical activities as an integrated part of the educational offer and on this aspect we found ourselves in line with the Swedish School from Ale with which we have started an exchange of experiences on the 50/50 project which started in both schools in January 2015.

This year in particular the teaches are learning more about outdoor education in an cooperation with the department for educational science of the University of Bologna.

I.C. E. Guatelli

Sc. Media G. Fiorini

Sc. Primaria Buonarroti