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Äppelgårdens förskola

About school

Prästvägen 13
Nödinge (Ale)

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Description of school

Äppelgården pre-school is a Reggio Emilia inspired school with six departments. The school is certified with Grön Flagg which means that the children work with different themes related to sustainable development every year. The school building is a passive house with very low energy consumption and it also has solar cells on the roof with a digital display that shows the children how much energy the solar cells are producing at all times.

State of the art

We have formed an energy team with children that are 4 and 5 years old. They meet every week to talk about energy. We have watched movies that illustrate energy as food for the lamps. We have also brainstormed what energy is and painted pictures. At the energy tour we walked around in the school and measured energy with an energy meter. We talked about what the children think need much energy - the kitchen, toilets and the dryer. It’s important to close the door to the dryer so that the heat doesn’t go to waste and to turn off the lights when you leave the room. We are now planning to have a day without electricity to find out just how many things need electricity. 2015-10-12: One day three superheroes came to the pre-school. They call themselves the Planetsavers and their mission is to save the earth. They brought an energymeter that would warn if too much energy was used. For the earth to be okay the energymeter would have to be on green, but now it was on red. We turned off all the lights and the energymeter would move sligthly but not all the way to green. All the children wrote notes with tips on how we could save more energy and gave them to the Planetsavers. The notes said things like turning off the lights during the day and use less paper.

Amount of energy saved

16792 kW