Borgsmoskolan - 50/50 Project

Primary school


About school

Dalviksgatan 75
603 80 Norrköping
Tel.: +46 11 15 31 00

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Responsible for school

Karin Österberg

Description of school

Borgsmoskolan is situated between Klockaretorpet och Skarphagen at the western entrance to the city of Norrköping close to the forest and the Borgsmo stadium. Most of the students are from the area of Klockaretorpet and the schools Tamburinen and Klockartorpsskolan. Borgsmoskolan has about 220 students between 13 and 16 years old. Each year the students choose between the different profiles (robots, food and health, basic subjects, arts, sports, reading and maths, entrepreneur).

There are two international classes for newly arrived students and one for students with disabilities as autism. One class works with the Montessori pedagogy and all students has a computer.

State of the art

Meeting 1 12/9 2014 - How to change attitudes using energy in schools. Create awareness, measure energy, logotype, EON, pupils. Meeting 2 10/10 2014 - Limit energy use, school statistics, hot/cold in school, measuring energy different times during day/night Meeting 3 1/12 2014 - Students and engineers discussed energy together. Meeting 4 15/12 2014 - Working with students. Why should we save energy? Why renewable energy? Åby athletic center, Borgsmos energy supply for a year. Measuring starts 1/1 2015 Meeting 5 2/2 2015 - Final count of lights/lamps in Borgsmo. Put up notes about saving energy, inform staff and students about 50/50 Project Meeting 6 3/2 2015 - Discussion about our lights, walk around the school at night to see which lights and gear that might be on, how many hours a day/week is the light on in our classrooms? Do we have computers on stand-by? Tell staff to remove things that requires extra energy Meeting 7 9/3 2015 - Measurements in February, electric energy/person instead of all students, basic consumption were discussed Meeting 8 7/5 2015 - Night walk around school, central heating in our facilities, 300000 kr/year in electric energy consumption, Night Walk with students 6/5 2015 - Stand by mode on several machines, lights were on, radio on etc