G. Galilei - 50/50 Project

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G. Galilei

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Via del Cristo, 12
42025 Cavriago (RE)
Tel.: +39 0522 373441 - Fax: +39 0522 373410

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Responsible for school

Prof. Maria Bellocci

Description of school


We are the children from classes 3A and 3B  at Don Dossetti Comprehensive School . It’s located in  Cavriago, in the province of Reggio Emilia. In our school there are 13 classes,  300 students alltogether. Cavriago is a small town in the province of Reggio Emilia.

Before taking part in the project ” 50/50″,  we did the project ” Energy in my home”, which means saving energy in our households. In fact  there is a 1/3 of energy consumption in  the civil sector every year.

State of the art

-Step 1: The energy team that was created consists of some students from classes 2A and 2B, teachers and engineers specialized in energy. -Step 2: Lessons on energy saving and followed by the energy tour , that is a tour around the school to estimate the consumption, then the development of the Action Plan will follow. -Step 3: Mapping of the energy consumption of the school with tools in the project toolkit. -Step 4: Development of the action plan for lowering the consumptions. -Step 5: Presentation of the action and the expected results to the whole school. -Step 6: Calculation of consumption Step 7: Sharing the obtained results with an event at the end of the school year FIRST MEETING TUESDAY 13th January h. 09:00 The energy team was divided into groups of two. These groups had the task of examining the consumption, so they used a special thermometer to measure the temperature inside and outside and the light meter, an instrument to measure the natural light. But before all this, we asked the caretakers about the daily consumption. SECOND MEETING THURSDAY 12th February h.11:00 The energy team finished the measurements in the other classrooms of the school and then they talked about the reductuion of the waste of energy with electronic devices. -to reduce the 10 minutes stand-by. -to set a screensaver for the energy saving. -to turn off appliances when not in use.