Nordgärdets förskola - 50/50 Project


Nordgärdets förskola

About school

Nordgärdesvägen, 8
Surte (Ale Municipality)

Responsible for school

Helena Johansson
0303-33 01 60

Description of school

Nordgärdets pre-school is located in Surte in Ale municipality. The school has 3 departments with a total of 58 Children between the ages 1 to 5. We have the ambition to spend some time outdoors every day and do small trips to the forest nearby every week. The school is certified with Grön Flagg which means that the children work with different themes related to sustainable development every year.

State of the art

We have learned a song about energy to make the children see the importance in turning the lights off when you leave a room. We have brainstormed about the word energy and written it all down on a big paper. They also documented their thoughts about energy in their own exercise books. The Planet savers came to visit the us one day when we introduced the project to all the children in the preschool. Previously only the children in the energy team were involved in the project. Energy from the sun, wind, water and nuclear power came to visit and told us that we have to save energy to save the planet. They had an energy meter that pointed to red and we have to save energy so that it points on green instead. The children came up with ideas on how we could save energy and there is now a box in the preschool where the children can put their ideas. A couple of days before Earth Hour we had a day without electricity. The children wondered how we would make lunch without electricity. We went outside and made lunch on a gas stove. The energy meter was on green this day! We have demonstrated how much we have saved so far by putting up the amount of money next to the Energy hero "Sten" that the children has created. In June we celebrated the savings of the first year with an energy party. We sang songs, used handdriven flashlights and flew kite. Then we grilled hot dogs and ate ice-cream. A successful energy party!