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Mara Ancarani

Description of school

The communal preschool Campanella is one of the 8 preschools run by the Municipality of Imola which in total has about 605 children. This school has 3 sections divided for age (3-4-5 yer olds) and 78 children. We are 6 teachers, 2 persons for the children with special needs and 4 co-workers. There is also another section but it is in another building next door but their energy bill cannot be separated from the school hosting them and therefore they can’t take part of the 50/50 project.

The school is in a big park and the outdoor life is an tradition in the pedagogical activities as an integrated part of the educational offer and on this aspect we found ourselves in line with the Swedish School from Ale with which we have started an exchange of experiences on the 50/50 project which started in both schools in January 2015.

This year in particular the teaches are learning more about outdoor education in an cooperation with the department for educational science of the University of Bologna.

State of the art

After the meeting on January 19 with the contact person from SERN, the teachers from the communal preschool Campanella together with our pedagogista has started to plan the activities of the 50/50 project. February 4 2015: a technician has showed how to use the instruments from the toolkit for the light and the heating and the children has “mapped”, in a playful way, our spaces starting from the measuring to show where we need to place our actions. The group of 4 year olds that will continue with the project in the school for the next two years has been chosen for the energy team and will regularly measure the temperature together with the other children of the different sections. These children will also be the promotors of the project and the methods. The children of the Energy Team has been given the “medallion” (the SERN-badge) and can easily identify the measuring points thanks to the 50-50 stickers. February 11 March 5-12 2015: the children of the Energy Team wear the badges and continue to measure the temperature using the map of the school and the instruments of the toolkit. We have talked about the energy savings and deepened with the expert last week, The children has shown to be active both in the use of the material and in listening to the argument together with the teachers and the classmates from the different sections. March 3 2015: reuse lab with natural materials. March 24 2015: reuse lab with recycled materials March 25 2015: all the children of the sections has been involved in the measuring together with one of the parents, an engineer, who has offered to collaborate with us on the project. After having used the material and the measuring methods, we will continue together with him concentrating in particular on the consumption of electricity on which the children directly has an impact. The engineer has kindly given us other instruments that measures the consumption of electrical energy and the effect of turning on/off the lights and the stand-by mode. We will use there together with the others for the next measuring with the teachers. April 13 2015: we continue with the measuring of the temperature as before, we explain to the children that the heat has been turned off. May-June 2015: during this time, we reflected with the Energy Team about the temperatures of the environments and the use of heating; the children know that the heating is tourned off in the summer, so this time we find only the correct use of electricity, also about the  air conditioners or fans. With the help of windmills, that have begun to rotate in the hands of children by the air circulation created by the door and windows, the children have understood the CHEMIN EFFECT, mode of natural ventilation . The appointment with the Energy team is in September, in the new scholastic year. October-November-December 2015: you recompose the energy team and taking the concepts. Since the first detection children show to remember the recognition method that was adopted: identifying themselves wearing medals and begin the tour of the school with the map. The children talk about the importance of electricity and water saving, have mentioned the correct behaviors and then was built a tool that would allow them to record the correctness or incorrectness of the practices in use in our school. They were built two grids recording, one for the electric current and one for water, where a "child responsible" will report what happens in its section in the course of the months. The new grids are used easily by children, this time is perfectly integrated into the daily routines for all children. In the and of School Year 2015/16 and during the year 2016/17, 50/50 methodology is part of our school's project: now children implement the Project with passion, interest and they are helpful with younger children to transmit Project's topics. Now, 50/50 is part of our school life: Energy Team is composed by children of 5 year, in turn they are the light's, door's and water controller. The "older" children can transmit to "younger" children good practices, they are protagonist to promotes virtuous behavior.

Amount of energy saved

51096 kW