Primary school G. Bersani - 50/50 Project

Primary school

Primary school G. Bersani

About school

Via Lambertelli, 12
47122 Forlì (FC)
Tel.: 0543/721072 - Fax: 0543/792924

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Responsible for school

Anna Zizzi
+39 3477600425

Description of school

The construction of G. Bersani school dates back to 1978 and it is home of the scholastic administrative division n.7 of Forli from the 1978/1979.

The classes are currently 25, divided in 10 full-time and 15 at normal time, 23 of these are equipped with interactive whiteboard.

Pupils are in total 596, including 26 disabled and 93 foreigners. The in-service teachers are 59. There is also a Committee of Parents who works actively to support all activities of the school.

The Coriano neighborhood where the school is located, is a link between the industrial part of town and its historic center. The school is situated in a residential neighbourhood in development and crossed by important roads. The migratory flows of the latest years brought more heterogeneity among pupils. Difficult situations have increased, besides there is a strong presence of students with disabilities in some cases even serious, due to the presence (unique in the territory) of specific equipment.

The school has a laboratory of CERAMIC with oven, MUSIC classroom where activities of music therapy take place, COMPUTER classroom, a LIBRARY and GYM.

Each year the main projects for all pupils at the school are:

– the reading days;
– the singing evenings in collaboration with the Maderna Orchestra;
– sports games.

In addition, pupils attending the 3rd year participate in drama workshops, in the 4th year art /ceramics and for classes of the 5th year linguistic laboratories with CLIL.

Further projects to enrich the educational offer also this year have been activated:
– environmental education;
– Integration of the circle;
– road safety education;
– safe school training;
– strong immigration process;
– disease project;
– project school dropout.

State of the art

In the year 2015, the Class “4E" led by the teachers, in collaboration with parents, has completed the planned activities for the steps 1 to 7. The project was completed this year with the creation of a flyer that will be distributed in all classes of the school describing good practices and suggestions for saving energy. This was the result of a investigation and research work carried out in class and documented with reports, tables and images produced by the energy team of class 4E are attached below. The project will continue in the next scholastic year with the last step. The teachers: Francesca LOMBARDI and Anna ZIZZI. Further reedings: - A visit from Sweden (ITA)Questionnaire for parents (ITA) - Project report for the year 2016-17Workshop 50/50 - students' reportStudents' report on the trip to the power plant - 50-50 workshop with parents

Amount of energy saved

5670,33 kW