Strömslundsskolan - 50/50 Project

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Kapellgatan 9
461 57 Trollhättan
Tel.: +46 520 49 72 63

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Peter Sundström

Description of school

Trollhättan, with almost 57 000 inhabitants, is located on the west coast of Sweden
60 km north of Gothenburg.

Trollhättan has a long tradition of working with energy issues and has very ambitious goals.

In the current energy plan Trollhättan Municipality, including our companies are working towards the goal to reduce the usage of fossil fuel to zero by 2020, at the same time we are working on decreasing our overall energy consumption and increase the proportion of renewable energy.

Strömslundsskolan has students in preschool through elementary school and is located in the western parts of Trollhättan.
The school is currently about 590 students over three preschool classes and nine grades. Our leisure children are divided into four departements.

State of the art

Kick- Off event! It was a kick-off event where our energy coordinator informed and educated the school's energy team. Information, discussion but also that each participant had to think about their own energy use. What is energy? Where the energy comes from? How to save energy? To use the electricity for the right things. If electricity disappears, what happens then? Working on converting the school to district heating! Around the 15th of june the property owner started working on converting the schools energy source (heating) to district heating. The first part of this Project is scheduled to be done at the end of summer 2015. By bringing this about we are Confident that we will have a future-proof heating source at the school. The district heating in Trollhättan mainly consist of biofuels from forestry by-products and therefore have a low environmental effect. Before the work started the energyteam visited the space where the new heating source will be installed. In Connection to this visit we also examined how the ventilation units at the school worked. Night patrol Namnlös Amidst the darkest November, did the "energy team" a “night patrol” in one of the school's three buildings to find devices that stood on and used electricity unnecessarily. The result was devices with a total output of 2 kW of electricity. It was illumination in lit restrooms and classrooms, computers and projectors in standby and two fans and a ventilation hood. That is 10,000 unnecessary kWh (almost as much as a modern Swedish house) if all nights of the year are looking the same. And that is just for one building. With some timers and by becoming better at turning off and shut down, it can be much saved. In January we will see the result for Strömslund school, then, the project has been running for one year.

Amount of energy saved

6364 kW