Tärnanskolan - 50/50 Project

Primary school


About school

Nämndemansgatan 1
462 37 Vänersborg
Tel.: +46 521 72 18 03

Online school

Responsible for school

Emelie Perlöv, Tova Nordmark

Description of school

Tärnanskolan is a multicultural school with about 300 students. Our school has over the past year increased the number of students which resulted in that our school has become treparallellig in some grade levels.

We have an energy team consists of students from preschool classes up to grade six. Our team includes 17 students, two teachers, one from F-3 and one from 4-6, even our caretaker is included in the team.


Vänersborg municipality

Vänersborg is the regional capital of the southern tip of Lake Vänern.

With ten mil coast of Lake Vänern is Vänersborg are pampered close to swimming, fishing and boating. We are aiming to become Sweden’s best music municipality and it will show- and be heard.

It live about 37 000 inhabitants in Vänersborg. Our goal is to grow a little in time each year so that we do not lose the feeling


                                                            Together we make the good better!

State of the art

Amount of energy saved

52684 kW